images margin reset in yahoo and lycos mail

Hi there.

I did an html newsletter for  a client using a nice blend of tables and inline css to make everything well pretty.
My client came back to me saying that the software she will be using to send the campaign doesn't support css at all.

so i had to adapt everything without css

everything worked almost fine but for some cosmetic issues when i re-worked my html.
then came testing...
everything was almost fine but in yahoo and lycos which seem to add some extra horizontal space on the images, forcing the layout to stretch and break.

if i leave a css style img {margin: 0;} the problem is solved but i can't have any css at all.
i tried to reset the horizontal space with hspace but nothing changed.

has anybody heard about this issue before?


zapatoche, 9 years ago

apologies to all,

i tried again to reset the horizontal space with hspace="0"

and this time it worked.

probably missed something last time.


Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Thanks for following up, that will be helpful to others in the future no doubt.

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