Need a Developer - API integration

I have had multiple conversations with the great people at the Campaign Monitor help desk and what I am after is possible. It would require the use of webhooks and api knowledge. Here is what I am after:

1. We create forms in Wufoo that work as a shopping cart and info collection.
2. We need the information entered to be used as pre-population fields in HTML email autoresponders in CM. This is simple with the integration between the companies. the tough part is the Purchase Total field that Wufoo creates but does not allow to be transfered through existing integration. This is where the webhooks and API integration would need to take place.
3 The system would need to be standardized and duplicable. We would be creating multiple reports and multiple autoresponders tied to those reports that function as an invoice.

Let me know if you are interested in this project. travis [at]

Love Campaign Monitor. Thanks.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Travis, thanks for the post - I'll tweet around and see if we can find someone to assist you.

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stiplady stiplady, 6 years ago

I've not worked with wufoo before, but have worked with the CM API before and working on a job later today for a client. I'm sure we can help. I'm currently out and about but I'll check wufoo out when I get back.

@stiplady / @stiplady_net

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