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Hi there
I currently work for a marketing company and i'm in charge of html email design and testing.
so far i do everything with my little fingers and it take me quite a while each time i have to test for every email client on earth or that i can install on my computer.

there is a very nice feature in campaign monitor to test in different email clientr and spam filters.
but it says $10 a test.

is it a fixed fee every time you send a test or is there an account subscription which would allow you to send as many test as you need?

i have to convince my company that it would be worthwhile as they already work with a campaign managment company which does not provide testing screenshots.

i personally do a lot of testing while designing email to get my code lean and as cross client as i can.

but $10 every time is not really attractive

Stormy Stormy, 9 years ago

Really? I thought the $10 is an excellent cost for the service. Think about how much time you spend testing your emails currently - is that time saved not worth $10?

No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition!
nicknack, 9 years ago

How much does your company pay the campaign management company (who don't provide screenshots!) Maybe your company should pay them $10 less per campaign?

I'm with Stormy $10 is great value and saves hours if not days. Potentially if one test works well other emails in the same or similar style won't need to be tested.

vince, 9 years ago

Am I missing something?
Email campaign testing is free to a test email address.

style campaign style campaign, 9 years ago

Hi Vince,

it is free if you want to send yourself a test email, you did not miss anything.

zapatoche is referring to the $10 to test your design in all the different email clients i.e. Yahoo, Gmail ect

Its a fixed $10 fee a round and includes Spam testing also.

I think its terrific value and well worth $10 but it can add up.

I usually end up running around 2 tests per template, I always miss something the first go around, make changes then hopefully all is clear on the second pass. The most I have done is 3 rounds so max $30.

On the up side my clients love this feature and it helps me to gain business.

I would not want to be in your shoes zapatoche, it must be a ton of hassle doing this manually. Surely the time wasted amounts to more than $10-$20, it must take you at least an hour or more?


Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Checkout for the feature under discussion. As Anna mentioned, people typically run one or two tests for a template, and then may use that template for a year without significant changes.

If you spot a problem in a major client, you may be able to run free individual client tests if you have your own (for example) Gmail account, and avoid the extra costs.

If your time is worth even a small amount, it normally becomes pretty easy to justify the $10 extra you charge your client. We appreciate your feedback too, thanks for that.

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zapatoche, 9 years ago

hello everybody,

sorry but just came back from holiday :)

I agree it is a really good service for the price, but not for my current situation.
The company i work for does loads of email campaign and I am currently redesigning all the portfolio of email and news letter.

It means i actually do a lot of testing for every campaign.

Maybe there could be an option where you actually test your layout only for a fixedprice a month or something, then if you want the complete testing suite with spam report well fair enough, to me this could come at the end of the design process.

but right now it is really a burden to have to test everything every time and test over and over again.

All right that's what I'm paid for, but i could work faster.

And you probably don't want to know how much my company actually pay for the campaign software.

ps: other little question

i just ran into a problem with gmail just before the campaign was sent. i do all my testing in Firefox and generally test in Internet Explorer to check that the page work well online.
Unfortunately it seems that Gmail behave differently on IE than on Firefox.

does anybody knows if this happen a lot?


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