250: No transport is available

I have have just downloaded the latest version of the PHP wrapper and i am trying to run the 'get_apikey.php' and get a timestamp and the following error 250: No transport is available.

Any ideas?

Thank you

tobyb tobyb, 6 years ago

The error is returned when the wrapper cannot use a http transport method to use. The wrapper will attempt to use cURL or fsockopen to communicate with the Campaign Monitor servers.

Based on the error it would appear that the cURL extension is either not installed or is disabled and either the fsockopen function has been disabled, or your attempting to use ssl which requires that the openssl extension be enabled.

If the problem is just that openssl is not available then you should be able to get up and running by specifying http at the protocol, in the get_apikey.php file change

$wrap = new CS_REST_General(NULL);


$wrap = new CS_REST_General(NULL, 'http');

This will mean that all API calls are made in clear text (along with your API key) though which is not ideal so you might want to install/enable the openssl extension. The best way of using the wrapper however is through cURL, so I'd also recommend installing/enabling that extension (instructions are in the PHP Manual doc linked above).

mailcloud, 6 years ago

thank you for the quick reply tobyb.

I found out that i had not enabled the cURL extesions. so we can mark this thread as closed.

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