Using web video to drive email click through rates - need input!


I have been encouraging my email clients to use web video as a way to drive click throughs and basically enrich their email content.

So far those that have tried it have seen a big jump in click through rates and happy customer feedback. (They host the video online and add a call to action within the email to view)

In my newsletter next month I am focusing on web video and I wanted to add in my top five picks of camcorders for web use. I wondered if any of you have been using web video and if so can you recommend a camera to me that I could pass along to them. If you have any examples of the camera being used online so much the better pass on your links!

One of my clients purchased a Flip camera for $150 and posted his vids on YouTube (his email customers loved it) - the quality is not great though....I know I can look online (I am not being lazy!) but I wanted real feedback. I promise to mention you/your company as the person recommending it!

If any of you have tried email marketing + web video I would love to hear about it : comments, links, articles ect

I hope this is on topic for the general chat forum as its about email marketing with video.....


Here is a couple of examples of web video I show my clients to encourage them to jump in (and no I have nothing to do with either company!) Send me your links if you have some cool examples.

This is GQ I pass this along to clients in apparel -

Will it Blend on YouTube (A company that produces blenders - see an iPhone being blended - For a few hundred bucks they reached millions on YouTube.)

You can reply here or email me direct at


Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

I think this is definitely a great topic to discuss - we have not used camcorders here, so we don't have an opinions to offer there. I imagine there is a big range of options though - Robert Scoble famously uses a Nokia n95 to stream live  to the net!

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style campaign style campaign, 9 years ago

Cheers Mathew I will check that out now.  I see a lot of newsletters that feature web video BtoB and BtoC ....I noticed My Emma partnered up with a video firm for their email customers....


Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Interesting - do they do anything special in their integration - how does it work?

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style campaign style campaign, 9 years ago

My Emma partnered up with

See a press release here:

"Research has shown that video ads, when incorporated into an email
campaign or a company Website, have proven to increase conversion and purchase
rates at substantial levels," said David Mason, CEO, StudioNow. "Our
partnership with Emma will offer the ideal service to support the combination
of video ads and email marketing."


g-wiz, 9 years ago

I posted abut a nice approach to this a while back

The Youtube style play button on a screenshot of your first video frame is now so common that you can get decent clickthrough rates using that as your call-to action, and link through to a video set to auto-play no your landing page.

Back in about 2002 we were doing some really cool stuff with Flash and Java applets in emails that worked incredibly well. They wouldn't get through the door these days though!

Seems like the opportunities for creativity in email is going backwards while the rest of the web runs away.

style campaign style campaign, 9 years ago

Hi g-wiz

thanks for the suggestions and link. We have never tried to embed a video in a email to date, I know some people have.....but like you said it would mostly get blocked these days.

Like you we use the video screen as a call to action, we also use the little play button....

You can see an example of what we have been doing in a short Video+email case study on my site. On the second page at the top is a link to view the email we designed for Dressed Up!. This email received a 52% click through rate:

We just sent out an Easter email for the same client, again using video and our click through rate was higher at 66%....we do not use video all the time but when we do we see a real spike in click throughs and sales....  - How to email video

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