Anyone found a way to ease this process? [New client accounts]

When someone signs up for my rebrand I create their account and then add about 30 templates for them to play with on their first login. (I believe this is a big factor in converting a sign-up into an actual user.)

It's a pain having to upload each template manually one at a time and takes me about 15 min per account through my streamlined/practiced method.

Has anyone found a method to automate or semi-automate new account creation?
I'm at the point where I'm considering some kind of Automator screen action record/playback function.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Jason, great to see you here! Have you taken a look at Artesano? One of our resellers mentioned them the other day and it looks like they're actively developing their apps for resellers. We haven't had a chance to test them out lately, so we'd love your feedback if you give them a shot.

Thanks for your recent email - I'll respond to that in a sec, too :)

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JonJoyce, 6 years ago

I've also done something similar for people using the API.
The client has created a 'template' client, then use my app to create a new account, it copies the account lists, segments etc and uploads all the templates from a central repository :)

Jonathon Joyce
Jasonh1234 Jasonh1234, 6 years ago

@ros After watching the demo videos.... Yes yes yes! Please build that into CM!!

I would love to have that tool, but $99? (sigh) I haven't even cleared $40 profit yet from my 1 year old rebrand. :-/
At this time it'd be more economically viable to pay someone $5-10 to do the account creation for me. At least until more money starts coming IN.

Guess I'm back to looking at Automator for now.

NickoLabs NickoLabs, 6 years ago

I'm in the same situation as Jasonh1234... and would love to see this implemented into CM directly! That'd be a great way to promote your resellers!


Nickolas Simard
Multimedia integrator: Strategy & Web development
roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Many thanks for your feedback, Jason and Nicko. As Jon mentioned above, it's already possible via the API, however you never know... We have a template editor update in the works at present, so as well as a new look and feel, there's a chance that we'll be throwing some reseller-friendly goodies in as well.

Thanks again, we really appreciate hearing from you folks in regards to how we can make reselling easier for you.

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