Templates won't browse in gmail

I'm having a problem getting templates to work in gmail. The graphics sometimes don't show at all. I have tried customizing a template, and then using the same template without customization and the graphic withing the template don seem to show up. I have upload images selected in gmail so that's not it.

Is Gmail that big of a problem or is it just the template...the one I tested was cottonrag.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi scottzosel, many thanks for letting us know about this. Is it that background images aren't showing up? I ask as the display of background images is an issue across the board for Gmail, Outlook and a couple of other email clients.

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Stephen, 6 years ago

Hi scottzosel,

Thanks for posting here and just to let you know, I've replied to your support ticket and have sent through a slightly edited version of your template there, which includes a background image on your outer table (as per this blog post), plus I've attempted to add the recent individual table cell background fix also, which gracefully degrades to a blue background colour instead, if the background header image doesn't show up, so I hope that works for you.

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