Forward to a friend emails not arriving?

Before our latest campaign was sent, in preview, if you clicked on forward to a friend we were successfully directed to our CM forward to a friend page, and upon entering names and emails to forward to this worked fine. Once the campaign had been sent users were still successfully forwarded to our forward to a friend page, but although the message indicated that the messages had been sent, they did not arrive at the recipients' (valid) email addresses? (The recipients used a number of different email clients - none of which received the forwarded newsletter.)

Anyone else had this problem?

davidaf davidaf, 6 years ago

Hey redmons,

These are really hard to get to the bottom of as once they leave our servers, if they don't bounce back we really have no way of knowing what has happened to them. They could have been filtered for some reason, delayed, or blocked. If it bounced, the recipient's email address would have received some sort of non-delivery or bounce message back to their email address, so you may have them check for that.

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redmons, 6 years ago

yes understood. The email addresses were mine, and I have checked each one and there are no non-delivery messages for all 5. It's annoying because the test worked before the campaign was sent. I was just double-checking, and can only assume it didn't work if anyone else had tried too?

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