Help understanding lists & "unlimited"

I need some help understanding how pricing works. I import my subscriber list before each campaign, since there are new registrants (if that's a word) all the time, and who wants a stale list? Since my subscriber list isn't static, is the Unlimited feature not applicable? (My boss wants me to research pricing- I want to keep using Campaign Monitor.)

My last campaign of approx. 2,000 subscribers cost $25. Since my list for my client varies by subscriber count (like lists do) will I be charged $25 per send?

Guess I need a tutorial on list definitions...

Thanks for any info you can provide!

Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago


If you want to pay per-campaign, then you only pay for the people you send your email too, no matter how many other lists you have in your account.

If you want to pay per-month (and therefore get access to the unlimited sending) the price is calculated based on the total of all your subscriber lists for that client. In that case, you would be best to just update the one list each time.

If you import your latest into the same list, Campaign Monitor is smart enough not to re-import anyone who previously unsubscribed or bounced out. That way you don't need to keep old duplicate lists around, and your costs will be reduced.

Is that clear? You may want to read through the monthly pricing help topic here:

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torweb, 6 years ago

I'm dealing with a client that is looking at "myemma."  Here is the situation that maybe you help make sure I'm clear on monthly billing.

Situation 1: 

Client has a total list of 200 addresses and is planning on sending up to 8 campaigns per month.
One campaign may go to 100 of the 200 total, another to 50 of the 200 total.

I can see that re-importing the sub-lists as a separate database will add to the 200 total, duplicating addresses.  I've followed the various threads in the, what happens billing-wise if they delete the 200 total main database  then import one of the sub lists, send it then remove it and import another sub list and send that one.  How will the monthly billing profile work in that case?

Situation 2:

The above client has 200 total names in their list but sends out 10 campaigns?  I'm guessing they will be billed at the next tier level automatically and the billing amount will be based on the price I set in the client profile page.

I'm a long time CM user and just need help keeping my "chops up" when talking with clients.  I agree that the "value added" part of CM is the ability to design some really nice custom mailings...above and beyond the competition.



Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago


In Situation 1, instead of importing each sub-lists separately, we'd recommend using segments to create sublists from the one main list, and remove duplication that way.


In situation 2, the monthly pricing is based on the total subscribers. So if you have 200 subscribers, then you pay $15 a month for as many campaigns as you like. That's what 'unlimited campaigns' refers to. Does that all make sense?

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sweetgirl, 6 years ago

Thanks so much! Just what I needed to know. Thanks for the link- I've changed my client to pay per month, and will take your advice re: list management.


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