Getting Client ID based on E-Mail Address - possible?

Is it possible to get a clientID based on the email address of a client-account? I have my own user database for a different system where i store the campaignmonitor clientid to creat lists and include subscribers. Now if a new client signs up for my own system i can create a new cm client - but if that e-mail address is already taken in cm, i just get an error. Instead i want to find out the clientid of that cm user to use it in my database.

I know i can get a list of all clients + ids and based on these ids i could loop through the list and find the account with that specific email address - but doing that on demand wouldnt be very performant and maintaining and updating a local database is not something i want to do without asking here first... :)

greetz from austria

jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

Hey Markus,

I don't think I've ever heard of that request before - to search for clients by email address via the API.

In your case, you'd be better off handling the API error which is returned when you attempt to create a client with a duplicate email address, and lookup the client matching the email address on your end by making a subsequent call to the API. The extra call obviously adds overhead, however I believe it is an acceptable approach for the situation you are describing (and I imagine it is likely to occur quite infrequently too).

I wouldn't anticipiate adding the ability to search for clients by email address via the API. It's simply not requested enough, and doesn't add enough value to enough people to justify addition at this stage.

mdi1984, 6 years ago

Hi James.

Guess i was too ambitious about this special problem. We just need to clean up our local database which would solve this issue once and for all. Thanks for your response.

Greetings from Austria.

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