How can I deliver a 'high priority' mail?

I would like the addressees to receive the mail in their Inbox as 'High priority' (with red excalamation mark, cfr in Outlook). Can this be done in Campaign Monitor and how?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hello momentum-pco, welcome to the forums! From my knowledge, you can only compose and send a 'high priority' message from within Outlook (and perhaps a few other desktop clients), or via email software in which you can edit the email header. You can't set priority from within HTML email code, which means that emails can't be sent as 'high priority' from Campaign Monitor and probably most other email delivery services out there. Sorry about the unfortunate news, but I hope this helps! :)

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DanCooperstock, 5 years ago

Surely you completely control the email headers, so it ought to be possible for you to set emails to be "high priority" or "high importance", the way Outlook and some other email clients do.

I do think this would be a desirable feature, though I can also see that it could be misused. I actually had an email I sent out today that I would have liked to do this for, although for most emails I send out, I would not do so.

Dan Cooperstock
roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hey there Dan, there's a brief discussion on the use of X-priority here. The skinny is that it isn't recognized by all email clients and has been known to be abused by spammers. Nonetheless, it may be something for us to look into - I'll let you know if it's something we add in the future.

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