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I am using CM's subscribe form to get info about users trying to download the demo version of a software we sell. After the user subscribes, a welcome e-mail is sent using CM. This e-mail must include a link for an installation file on our server. The problem is that this link will only be valid for this user and after the link is clicked it will no longer work. So, how can I edit the link address on each e-mail sent by CM?

thanks in advance

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi joaobana, welcome to the forums! Have you considered generating a session ID / hash on your signup page, then adding it to a custom field when a new user subscribes? You can then add this hash to a URL sent with an autoresponder, like:

Hi [firstname, fallback=user], download the install file here:[hash, fallback=]

One of our customers used a similar technique recently with their form - check out their tutorial.

Of course, your page will have to be able to handle the session ID / hash. You might want to consider allowing it to expire after x hours/days, just in case the download fails, thus forcing the user to subscribe again :)

Thanks, joaobana! All the best with your download page.

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