HTML vs Text Version Choice?

ok, this is probably a no-brainer, but as i was working hard to make my text version all pretty n'stuff, i realized, where are subscribers able to chose Text or HTML? I seem to have remembered seeing it waaaaay back when i first signed up, but several clients later, i can't find it.

I can't find it on FAQs, Forums, anywhere...

Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

Hi Steve,

With Campaign Monitor we don't build in the choice - we actually make it easy to send a multipart text+html version that works for most people - if your email client is set to display html, that's what you will get, and if you set it to show text you get text.

However, if you want to explicitly give people the option, you could add a 'format' custom field to your list, with text and html as the choices. Then you can create two segments, one for text and one for html, and send your campaign to each group separately.

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