Linking to PDFs and using #page=x

On our newsletter we have a few links that go to a PDF hosted on our website and we want the PDF to open on a specific page. For example:


where the original link was

now pasting this into a new tab on IE7 works the first time, but if you refresh this tab or you click on the campaign monitor link in the email from Outlook instead of pasting it, it always goes to the first page of the PDF meaning a user has to locate the specific page themselves (and we suspect this is causing extra hits on the PDF as recorded by CM reports)

Interesting though pasting directly into the address bar of a browser tab returns page not found!

Does anyone have any advice on handling direct PDF linking from a campaign?


Stig Stig, 9 years ago

Hi Charles, welcome to the forums!
Since Campaign Monitor uses a redirecting URL to track link clicks, you'll probably have trouble with opening links with anchors like that.

Other than CM adding support for this, the ways I can see to work around the problem are to link elsewhere or link without tracking.

Can you link to a shorter version of the PDF, with only the pages relevant to this link?
Could the content of the PDF be made into a landing page?
If not, could you work the PDF into the page (with the option to download) using FlashPaper, Scribd, issuu or similar?

If you prefer linking the way you described, this should do the trick:

<a href="" cm_dontconvertlink>Capital Markets and Funding</a>

Adding cm_dontconvertlink lets you link directly to the URL, but you lose the link tracking.


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actadmin, 9 years ago

thanks for that and it was interesting to know the possible workarounds. i will try out a couple of suggestions on a future send. thanks again.


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