Is there a way for a custom url webversion?


I got some questions from clients about the url of the webversion of their emails. I've searched through the faq and forums, but couldn't find anything.
Is there an option for a webversion url that does not include our name (smokymail) but instead contains the client's name?
Is it possible to upload the newsletter e.g. at and link to that url for the webversion?

CM is running at

Thank you!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi smokymail, it isn't possible to change your existing custom domain to the clients name, short of starting a new account, I'm sorry to say. By all means you can upload the email campaign to your client's server, however if you use our <webversion> tags in the email, the resulting link will point to the version hosted on our servers (this can't be edited).

By all means you can manually link to the version on your clients' server, but resulting clicks/forwards etc won't be tracked within the app.

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