shared templates over multiple clients

I searched the forum for this and found a note from Dave (CM) from a couple of years ago:

"The first step we have planned is to allow you to add templates to a client's account via the API, so you could easily build something at your end that created a new client and loaded their account with the 30 required templates automatically.

As far as sorting goes, they will be sorted alphabetically at this stage. We don't offer the ability to sort into groups at this stage, but that's a great suggestion that I've made a note of."

Has this progressed since and what is the best way we can deal with multiple templates (between 100-150) shared across multiple clients?

jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

Hey there,

We haven't really seen much demand for sorting templates into groups. This is the reason it has not been scheduled to be done at this stage.

We can only prioritise features based on customer demand. If a particular feature has enough demand, it will eventually be scheduled for inclusion in the app.

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