Automatically Upload Draft Campaigns to Client Accounts


Is there a way to automatically upload draft campaigns to our client accounts, currently we have circ 150 clients and each month we manually upload draft campaigns for them to customise and send.

The draft campaigns will contain news sections and images etc that we have pre determined, however the client will still have the option to edit these 'pre determined' sections.

I guess this can be done by sending an XML post? is it possible?

Many thanks

JonJoyce, 6 years ago

You would do this by placing your HTML/ZIP files online somewhere (backend end of your website/public dropbox etc) and then use the api to get your clients:
then loop each client and add the template using

Nice and simple :)

Jonathon Joyce
gtnash, 6 years ago

HI JonJoyce, sorry about the delayed response, lost my login details, just to clarify, what I'm trying to do is  -

Hello Both,

Each month we produce a customisable newsletter for each client, this includes content that we upload but allow them to edit, images that we upload but they can change etc. Currently we build this as a campaign in a demo account and then manually upload a new campaign for each of the clients (this can be a little time consuming as you can imagine)

I really want to find a way to automate the process of creating customised campaigns, whilst maintaining the content that we have created for them, is this possible?

Is it possible to automate the upload of campaigns?


Thanks in advance for any help as to how to do this...

JonJoyce, 6 years ago

You would need to upload your html file and a zip file of the images/css etc and upload it to the web somewhere.

Then use the add template API call to upload those files to the clients account as templates.
The client usee would then have to create a campaign in the app, and select the template from the list and then make any necessary changes in the editor.

If you need any help with this, get in touch

Jonathon Joyce

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