O.K. to use Gallery design as basis for a template?

To what extent would it be O.K. to base a design on the designs in the E-Mail Design Gallery, rather than using the Free E-mail Templates?

For instance, if the underlying CSS or table superstructure were used as is, but all the images were swapped out, the font were changed, and dimensions of columns and images were changed (along with all new editorial, of course!), would that be considered a problem?

We'd like to have more options than the free templates (30, but in reality there are only four basic designs there, in various variations), and we'd rather end-run the whole issue of designing something that works in all the zillions of e-mail clients by starting with something that is mostly already debugged in that respect.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

The templates in our gallery are actually owned by their designers (or the clients of the designer), so it's not ok to take the actual code.

However, you can certainly use them for inspiration. It's also worth noting that we don't test the gallery entries for rendering in various email clients - the designers presumably do that, but could be focusing on different audiences than you, so it would not be a reliable shortcut in any case.

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