question about cell padding in new cm template

hello, this question is in regards to the new campaign monitor template that the company is using for its newsletter.

how do you get the thin left side border on the invidual stories, yet still have 20px of padding on the copy in the white side? if you set 20px of padding to the nested table, then theoretically that little strip of colour should expand with it.

Rich Simisker Rich Simisker, 6 years ago

The two cells that make up the section table - narrow coloured cell on left, white content cell on right - have cellpadding="0".

However, there's a further one-cell table within the white content cell that's 100% wide and has cellpadding="20". It's this table which gives the content cell the look of being padded.

This table you can give as much or as little padding as you want to, and it won't affect the layout anywhere else.

For bulletproof layouts, you should always try to use cellpadding over CSS padding where possible, as it's better supported and more robust.

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