Inheriting an account from an agency


I've just started a new job and was happy to discover that CM is being used.

That said, we hold an account set up by the agency we use for our digital stuff, which is quite limited. For example, we can't add templates and the Google Analytics option isn't turned on.

What are my options to get full access?

1. The agency needs to grant as full access
2. It is possible to migrate the account out of the agency's one
3. I have to sign up again and star over



roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Lawrence, my advice is to see if the agency can give you access to their 'designer' account (ie. #1) - you're most probably looking at their client account, which won't let you do tasks like set up templates. If you can't get your hands on their login credentials, kindly send your account details to our support team and we can either transfer the account to your name, or potentially migrate it to another existing account. Good luck! :D

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