Show url of a link when image is blocked.

Hey Forum,

I have a question:

My email has an "a" tag with an image inserted. This link goes to the website. So this is the most important link on the mail.

<a href="#"><img src="sourcetoimage" alt="some alt text" width="" height="" /></a>

Some email clients block images when they first open up the email.
So you do not see the image.
Is it possible to show the link or something else?

for example: in outlook i only get a square where i have to click on.

Thx in advance.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

HI germaike, welcome to the forums - image blocking is a common rendering issue and thus we recommend that important links remain as text, not images. That said, you can potentially look at styling up your alt text for this image... However, this is nowhere as reliable as simply using text for your link.

And no, there isn't any logic you can add to your email to swap out an unloaded image for a link or something else, I'm sorry to say.

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