MailBuild vs. Constant Contact

I have a client that I convinced to use MailBuild. I have been sold on campaign monitor and mailbuild for some time, but they are insisting that constant contact consistently had better open rates. And they have had their recipients let them know that they used to receive their mailers just fine (when distributing via constant contact) and now the mailers are ending up in their junk mail (when distributed with MailBuild).

I really do not care for constant contact, so is there anything I can do to turn this around. Why is MailBuild's sending mailers to the junk box when Constant Contact did not?


Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

It's tough to tell exactly why - in almost all cases, emails ending up in junk filters is because of something specific in the content of the email, rather than how it was sent. So it may be something in more recent editions that is triggering the filters.

Has there been any other changes, like a different 'from' address?

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Bryan, 9 years ago

There have been modifications to the mailer.

I also tested this mailer in Campaign Monitor's "Test Campaign" tool and it passed completely. Even though it passed is it still possible to end up in recipient's junk mail?

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