One signup form for multiple clients?


I have two clients who are very closely related. They need to be different clients in the Campaign Monitor admin area, but would like to have one client sign up form with check boxes to let customers check which list they want to subscribe to.

This would be similar to how the multiple lists sign up works within one client, but be across clients.

Can this be done?


davidaf davidaf, 6 years ago

Hi Trey,

Thanks for getting in touch. Clients are really treated as completely separate entities so this isn't possible with any sort of built in functionality. I bet you could make it work with some coding magic, such as javascript or the like, or using our API to build the form, but there's not an easy pre-built solution I can point you to, sorry.

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VFHwebdev, 6 years ago

Ok, I figured it would require a little javascript, I just wanted to check to see if it was even possible before I dove in.


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