Need a developer to Integrate our content w/CM

We are looing for a developer to integrate our proprietary content managment system with Campaign Monitor

Our company provides marketing services to independent financial advisors
including websites, e-newsletters and online document storage/retrieval

We currently have a simple email newsletter system where we leverage
the content we write by allowing our customers to tease articles that we
place on their websites. We are looking for a way to let advisors use that content within Campaign Monitor

In Addition we have another crucial requirement - a workflow where someone can
create a campaign but cannot send it until it is reviewed and accepted
by a supervisory person.

The reason we have this requirement is that some of our clients , who
are financial advisors, operate under the supervision of a Broker /
Dealer . They have a regulatory requirement,  all of the marketing
materials that are distributed must be reviewed by the Broker Dealer. In
addition the reviews must be auditable , so a history of the campaigns,
the review outcome and the distribution list for the campaign must be
kept in the event the regulatory authority needs proof of the reviews
being performed.

The workflow would go something like this
1) Advisor creates a campaign and finalizes it ( eg there could be
multiple edit sessions)
2) The advisor selects a segment for the campaign and submits the
campaign for review .
3) The reviewer has a queue of pending campaigns to review , potentially
from several different advisors
4) The reviewer views the campaign and has the following options
4a) Accept the campaign email - this results in the campaign being sent
to the selected segment(s) and and email of the acceptance going to the
4b) Reject the campaign email - and provides an explanation - this
results in the campaign not being sent and an email indicating the
rejection going to the advisor
4c) Edit the campaign and accept - this results in the campaign being
sent to the selected segment(s) and an email of the acceptance going to
the advisor
And a note being entered about the changes that were made to the
campaign ( copy of original campaign with  edits highlighted.
5) The Advisor has some way to see a list of the campaigns submitted ,
their review status and notes entered by the reviewer. If the campaign
was edited by the reviewer a note with the changes should be kept.
6) A way to view and extract the history of the reviews and sent
campaigns must be available for the reviewer and the advisor.

If someone is interested in doing this work please contact me and I will send a more detailed requirements specification

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