API connect to MySQL?

I have been searching through the forum and am not finding the answers I need.  I would like to integrate the CM API into my application.  It is an application that stores customer information in a MySQL database, and the app is built in php.  I want my clients (using the app, and adding customer info into it), to be able to utilize Campaign Monitor to handle email marketing. 

Can someone just let me know...

If I setup each client that wants to utilize email marketing with a CM account, and they link to it from their existing admin page (in my app), can CM sync with the existing customer table in MySQL, so when they go to send out a campaign, it's updated?

So my clients will continue to add customers into my app, then when they want to send a campaign, they click 'sync' or something, and their CM account syncs with their MySQL customer table?

Though I did build my app myself, (self taught) I'm still having trouble figuring out integrating the CM API into my app.

I just want to add this functionality to my clients that want it (each have their own database), so they can sync their customer list into CM and send out email campaigns.

Thank you so much for any help you can provide,

blad, 6 years ago

I have something that might sound similar. A MySQL table 'duplicates' what's in CM, and stays in sync.
To make this happen, I did an initial DB sync manually (ie. loaded the tables, loaded up CM), then, wherever my MySQL table changes, I call the CM API to do the same thing to the CM databases. This covers add, subscribe and unsubscribe, using the standard CM API calls.
So...I think what you're trying to do is possible, but the key point is that you need to do the syncing real-time ie. not in batch mode and not with any 'sync' button.

jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

I am assuming your customer table contains the details of people who you would also store in a Campaign Monitor list (who I'll call subscribers).

If you want to update Campaign Monitor with changes that are made to subscribers on your site, your best bet is to make a call to update the subscriber in Campaign Monitor, when the update occurs.

If you want to update your own website with changes that are made to subscribers in Campaign Monitor, your best bet is to register a webhook and create an endpoint in your application to handle notifications when a subscriber is updated.

As for implementing this, your best bet is to use the PHP client library, which implements the complete functionality of the API in PHP.

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