Bounced Domain - What actions can we take?

Hi, we recently saw a significant climb of bounces for one domain. For all of those it only says General Bounce.
So what is the next action we can take now we know who it is. We are sending in a B2B environment so we are not talking about gmail or yahoo or so.

Thanks for your help!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi maniac55, could you kindly contact our support team with details regarding the campaign and domain in mention? We'll look into why this particular domain is potentially rejecting our emails.

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maniac55 maniac55, 6 years ago

Sorry for the late reply. We are sending again in two weeks and I will have a fresh look at the issue. If the problem persists I will contact the support team.

Thanks for your help! It's highly appreciated.

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