Subscriber.update not working?

Trying to do a subscriber updated as given by an example from the ruby gem
@subscriber.update new_email, "Subscriber", custom_fields, true

Every time I get an arguments error (4 for 1)

Then I tried
custom_fields = [ { :Key => 'url', :Value => '' + self.url } ]
body = {:EmailAddress =>, :Name=>, :CustomFields => custom_fields}
subscriber.update body

And that gives no error but the value is not updated. Any hints?

This in rails by the way.

jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

I'm going to assume you're using the latest version of the createsend gem.

If you're looking at the subscriber tests, you will see that the @subscriber is created in the context block:

@subscriber = "your list id", ""

So, you need to create your subscriber object with the existing email address (as a subscriber is identified by the list ID and email address combination), and then call update on that subscriber:

@subscriber.update "", "Subscriber", [], true

If the call above produced an arguments error, the tests would not be passing. And they are passing (run rake test to check).

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