Wordpress Posts into a newsletter

I am currently working with a new client who wants to know if they are able to put their blog posts into their newsletter without having to copy and paste everything over. Can anyone offer some insight into my options? I quite often receive newsletters that appear to be recent posts from a site. Is it possible to pick out a few posts only and import them into a newsletter?

NickoLabs NickoLabs, 6 years ago


You could do a "digest" of all the recent post yourself, but that would requires some copy-pasting.
Or a good old RSS Feed burner might be the solution you look for...

The main reason I seldom post entire wordpress post into newsletter is because they take usually much longer to read. I believe newsletters are used to send information to subscriber so they can quickly scan through it. I usually summarize my wordpress post into 1-2 sentence before making my newsletter.

Hope that help!

Nickolas Simard
Multimedia integrator: Strategy & Web development

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