Spam & Design Filter

I just ran a spam filter & design test and it came back saying, among others, that the Gmail spam filter passed. however where I tested it on a number of gmail accounts, my newsletter went straight into the spam folder!

How to I go about rectifying this?!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Nialln, welcome to the forums! It's hard to say what happened without seeing your code (which you're welcome to post here), however I can suggest a few tips:

- Double-check that you haven't included potentially spammy words (eg. 'win', 'lottery' and even 'click here')
- Make sure that your email isn't all images and contains some text

The Gmail spam filter in the design and spam test isn't always indicative of real-world conditions, such as personal preferences within your Gmail account. By all means test out on a few accounts if possible and feel free to post your campaign here - we'd be happy to make suggestions.

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