API - Delete records in Suppression List

Hello CM team,
       Is it possible via the API methods, to delete either a single, or several email addresses that are currently on the suppression list?
Through the API, I regularily add all Suppression List entries into our company database, then derive lists based on our DBase to re-upload, excluding all previously suppressed emails.
But because, our wholesalers are periodically in touch with formerly suppressed clients, they often want to re-subscribe.
I have now a rather large list of active addresses, needing to be deleted from suppression list.


jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

Hey there,

We don't offer the ability to delete from the suppression list via the API, however we do offer you the ability to activate an inactive subscriber, by specifying Resubscribe as true when you add, update or re-import subscribers. So, you could re-import these subscribers and specify that they should be resubscribed if they are inactive.

If you specifically need a large number of subscribers deleted from the suppression list, and have reasonable criteria for selecting which subscriber to delete, you may contact us via support to have them removed from your suppression list.

dboulos, 6 years ago

Thank-you for that James!
Both methods, re-activate or support team, seem viable.
I will consider both and decide, then act accordingly...

Thank-you very much!

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