PDF link not opening in Internet Explorer 7 from Outlook 2007


I've created a newsletter earlier and the PDF link is working properly in all browsers when opening from Outlook 2007.

This time I've created another newsletter but the same link of the PDF is no longer working when it is opening from Outlook to Internet Explorer 7. And I also realised that from your end you have append additional information behind the link could this be the cause?

This is what I mean.


Can anyone please help?

Thanks and regards,

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Harris, welcome to the forums! In theory the appended tracking information shouldn't affect the link, however, spaces in the file name of your PDF may. Is it possible for you to post the full URL of the PDF you're linking to?

There may also be security settings in Outlook 2007/IE 7 that are preventing the opening of certain file types.

My all means feel free to post your code here, or to our support team. We'll happily test this out for you.

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