creating new list unsubscribe and confirmation page URLs

when creating a new list via CampaignMonitorAPIWrapper.List.create what should we set the URLs parameters for unsubscribePage and confirmationSuccessPage if we wish to have campaignMonitor manage these two pages as it does when using the campaignMonitor portal

with JSON the params would look like this
{     "Title": "Website Subscribers",     "UnsubscribePage": "",     "ConfirmedOptIn": true,     "ConfirmationSuccessPage": ""}

- meaning, we donot want to specify any URLs and allow the html template to use the <unsubscribe></unsubscribe> tokens provided by campaignMonitor.  Please advice, much appreciated

JonJoyce, 6 years ago

Just leabe them blank and CM handles them :)

Jonathon Joyce
aolivier, 6 years ago

I like simple aswers!!

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