Sending emails to non-opt in lists...

....ok I realise CM isn't the product for this, and usually we just tell clients no.  But we've been asked again by an important client so I wondered if anyone knew of a good solution to this scenario:

Our client is setting up a new company that needs to connect with a number of people working at local governments in the UK.

They have been through local government websites and compiled a list of nearly 10,000 addresses and would like to send a series of 4 campaigns to varying sub-sections of the main list.

They are of course happy for people to have unsubscribe options in the email, but as none of the users have ever "opted in" that takes away the option of us using CM for this list.

Does anyone have any experience of other providers that might have different rules? or is this something that would need to be done via some software on their own server so it's their own server that's taking the blacklist risk!?

Any thoughts would be greatfully received...please don't shoot me down for trying to do something spammy!  As I've said it's a targetted and well put together list of people, not just bulk purchased.



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