Segments or lists? Lists or segments?

Hi everyone,

we're developing an awesome customer intelligence platform and we want it to integrate with CM. The software allows users to select a group of customers to interact with (ie, send email via CM). We want it to automatically set up a (list/segment) in CM, then redirect to CM so they can send the email.

It seems segments are not the way to do this, since the grouping is arbitrary (calculated in our software) and can't easily be represented by a segment (ie, no matching rule). It seems the easiest way is to create a new list. And I guess delete it after the campaign has been sent?

Any thoughts on this. Is this an appropriate use of lists?


jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

You need a list before you can create a segment, so it seems like what you want to do is create a list in which you would keep your collection of subscribers.

gregnz, 6 years ago

Thanks James. On further investigation with the API, I've come up with a solution which creates a list, put in subscribers via the API. We then redirect the user to CM, where they can use the list as normal.

*some time passes...*

The user will re-query the list in our system, which will give back a (potentially completely different) set of users. So I can either A) delete the list, create it again and repopulate it with subscribers, B) remove all the current subscribers and add the new subscribers or C) create a completely new list, with a list name using a timestamp or something.

C seems a bit rubbish because the lists will fill up quickly, and once a new list is in place the old list is irrelevant.

So is A or B a preferred option, or doesnt it matter?

Thanks again


jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

Hey Greg, I'd just delete the old list and create a new one with your new set of subscribers.

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