Mailbuild Add/Edit Content freezes preview in IE6/PC

Hi all,

I (and most of my corporate clients) are still using IE6 for office web work.

Today I've noticed that the Add/Edit Content page in Mailbuild 'freezes' the preview area in the bottom left corner of browser window, which has the effect of hiding the Edit pane which scrolls quite happily up and down behind the preview.

All was working last week - has the Mailbuild user interface code been altered very recently?

This happens across all my client templates using IE6 / PC. Firefox on PC/MAC is ok and so is IE7. My clients are reporting the same issue which is bad news.



I too see very small titles in this forum - and no I haven't changed my browser defaults!

Dave Dave, 10 years ago

Hey Sean, thanks for the heads up about this. I can confirm the issue is actually related to fixing a small bug on the editor page in relation to the doctype being used. Basically, the XHTML doctype was set to transitional, but because the URL wasn't being supplied IE was falling back to quirks mode. This meant that IE was actually rendering some CSS/HTML the wrong way.

Unfortunately this meant that when we resolved the doctype issue, some templates which obviously appeared OK in quirks mode may not render correctly now. I noticed from a recent email you sent that the issue was resolved by removing a container DIV in your template. Apologies for the runaround on this one, it was a bit of a "should we or shouldn't we" when it came to fixing this one, but long term we think we made the choice for the better.

seanr, 10 years ago

Hi Dave,

The issue hasn't been solved by removing a div - once we added actual content to a test template the issue came back! Our workaround is to apologise to clients and and ask them to temporarily use firefox to avoid the issue.

I find it hard to believe that we are the only design house having this problem - we are fairly new to mailbuild and have used one of your 'widget' templates as best practice to model our markup on. I've just reimported your widget quarterly complex green templatea and whilst the whole window scrolls 'as one', there is still something wierd going on with an extra scroller around the edit pane.

Have you guys got a copy of IE6 on PC so you can see what I see? Is it just me that has very small text for this 'Got anything to add?' box in IE6/PC despite having text size set to medium?



Dave Dave, 10 years ago

Thanks for the follow up Sean, we'll look a little further into this one to make sure it doesn't extend beyond the doctype issue. We do have an IE6 test machine, so I'll run everything through the ringer again.

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