Importing many subscribers limits, is the documentation incorrect?

According to the API documentation on "Importing many subscribers":

If you receive a "400 Bad Request" response for this request, these are the possible errors which may be included in the body of the response:
209: Too many subscribers in this batch. You can only add 100 subscribers in one call

When importing many subscribers at once, you may only import up to 100 subscribers at once. If you need to import more than this number of subscribers, you will need to make additional requests.

Is there really a limit of 100 subscribers per request? I believe "I" am passing in more than 100 (122 in fact) and not getting the 209 error.

Background: I am using the latest .NET API wrapper and ran into some issues with getting back BulkImportResults (I will be submitting my recommended code changes to the Github repo soon, hopefully).  As I was looking through the wrapper code I didn't see the wrapper code breaking down List<SubscriberDetail>'s larger than 100 into multiple requests to stay within the supposed 100 limit. Perhaps I'm missing something else and/or just haven't dug in deep enough into the wrapper...

Can anyone add to or answer whether there really is a 100 count limit?


jrsteele jrsteele, 6 years ago

I should add, I am passing in 122 subscribers and they are getting added to the list properly. This is why I am questioning whether the documentation is correct.

jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

Hey Justin,

We've just made an update which allows 1,000 subscriber to be imported in a batch and I've just updated the documentation to reflect this.

Apologies for the confusion, and thanks for letting us know.

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