List bullets are not rendered in Outlook.

For a unknown reason the list bullets in a table of contents section are not rendered in Outlook 2010.  Is this a known problem or did I forgot something ...?

This is the snippet :

  <td style="padding: 15px 0 0;">           
    <ul style="color: #009cda; margin: 0 0 0 10px; padding: 0 0 0 5px; font-size: 12px;font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;">
                      <li color="#0B8FC1" style="padding: 0 0 8px; margin: 0;"><span style="color: #0B8FC1; font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;"><$repeatertitle$></span>

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi elgwiedo, welcome to the forums! This can happen due to truncation, with the list being pushed left by Outlook more than is necessary. Generally applying margin-left to the bulleted list does the trick (ie. margin-left: 1.5em;) - experiment with that and let us know how you go :)

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