Pictures not showing - new user!

Hi folks - I'm trying out Campaign Monitor as I have seen it getting good reviews and reports....
...but having real problems to get pictures to appear in test emails.  I go through all the stages and get an email with text and formatting but no pictures at all.  Interestingly, I am getting the Campaign Monitor emails - for instance the March tips and tips one - also with no pics, just a question mark.

I am running a Mac OS 10 (Tiger) using Safari - but I also have a PC (Yuk) where I get exactly the same problem - emails but no pics.

Ideas gratefully received!

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey Tallis, welcome to the forums and apologies for the lack of help with this. I can confirm this isn't something other customers are experiencing. I'd recommend getting in touch with support so they can have a closer look at the specific campaign and get to the bottom of it for you.

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