Birthday data collection - Is there a way to omit year?

I want to enable a customer to collect birthday data so we can send out birthday offers using an auto responder.
The only thing is we only want them to complete day and month because we figure a lot of their clients would not feel comfortable entering year of birth.
I just did a trial sign up form and deleted the year field from the HTML code. The sign up worked but the birthday data did not come across, only the name and email address.
We could put a little message next to the sign up form saying "Don't want to disclose year of birth? Just enter current year" but that's really clumsy.

Q: Is there a way to only collect day and month?

Greg Strutton Greg Strutton, 6 years ago

The date field does require the full date for it be valid.  That is, Day Month and also the Year.

Another possible option to consider would be to hard code a year within the form somewhere using a hidden field.  So when posting, the day and month could be matched up with the hardcoded year upon submission.  This can be done with some clever Javascript trickery. See … ith-jquery for an example.

Hope that makes sense and helps.

Phil Phil, 6 years ago

An option which wouldn't require javascript trickery is to remove the year dropdown and replace it with a hidden field with the correct name (stolen from the year field on the original form) and a hardcoded value of 1901 (or something like that, but after 1901 and before 2040 or so, i can't remember the limits offhand). The user never has to see it, and we'll parse it behind the scenes.

Everyone's birthyear will be 1901, but they don't have to know, and your anniversary autoresponders will work beautifully :), 6 years ago

Many thanks Phil.  Tested and working!

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