Links not Opening in New Window

How can I instruct a linked page (ie:click on photo for new link) to open in a SEPERATE window from my newsletter?
Currently all my links are opening in the SAME window as my newsletter and in some cases (not all) not allowing the reader to go directly back to the newsletter.  Thanks

Trish, 6 years ago

MORE INFO... What we are finding is that when viewing the newsletter/mailout email from Hotmail using IE or FireFox or even when viewing form the preview on the CreateSend page the links on the "page" appear to launch the link on the same window as we are viewing the email AND subsquently if you hit the back button - it doesn't go back to the email message but to the default home page on the browser. Almost as if the link is opened in a new browser window and the original browser window (where the email is being viewed) is closed.

We have tested this on multiple machines with the same result.

Also, other email messages with links DO open the link in a new browser window and leave the Hotmail window unaffected.
This is a NEW problem - hence my query on Forums.. THANKS :)

Trish, 6 years ago

Thanks for the details. We've checked it out, and it looks like this is actually a bug in the recent Hotmail update - see  for some more details. It is intermittent too, which is odd, we were able to replicate it once, but not again with the same emails. Hopefully MS will get that sorted out soon though, and we'll keep an eye out on our end in case something did change which triggered it. So far it doesn't seem like anything we can fix unfortunately. Regards, Mathew

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Trish, thanks for posting your reply here. We've had a lot of concerns about the recent Hotmail update, so we'll definitely keep our ear to the ground. Hopefully Microsoft comes to the party soon and comes out with a fix - fingers crossed!

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ProNotion, 5 years ago

Hotmail issues aside, is it not possible for clients to specify a target for links? Is there any sort of work around for this as I have clients also complaining about users clicking links in their web client, getting redirected and not being able to return? | Certified Umbraco Developer
Alex I., 5 years ago

Sure there is! Add this to your link;

<a href="" target="_blank" style="your_style_here">Click here to visit google</a>


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

+1 to Alex's solution above. It's known that email clients like Hotmail don't always respect target="_blank", but this is a behaviour on the email client's side and potentially not possible to change using code.

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