No text field in Internet Explorer

One of our clients is using Internet Explorer and not able to update their newsletter.  They can enter edit content mode, but when they click on a particular edit button, the content moves to the right but no actual text field shows in the left hand column. (We can see it fine in both Firefox and Safari.) Is there a setting in IE that would turn the feature off or another place we should be looking?


Diana Diana, 6 years ago

Hey Wizdom,

Is there a valid doctype in your template code? If not it can throw IE into quirks mode and cause some, well, quirky things to happen with the view and editing. Try checking that and if it's still not helping send an email in to support with the draft/template details and we'll take a look.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
wizdom, 6 years ago

Thank you. I will double check the doctype and if that is correct will email support.

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