How to move subscribers to a new list?

Hi there,

I enjoy CM everyday and I spread it whenever I find the chance to do so. My company takes advantage of the information that the tool bring us, and we feel satisfied of it.

Today, I'd like to re-organize my lists. I created some different lists according to the characteristics of the contacts. I mean, all people there are bussiness contacts, none is "foreigner".

So, I'd like to move some contacts from a list to another.

Is it possible? Could I move more than 1 each time?

Thanks a lot!

Diana Diana, 6 years ago

Hi Andrea,

We've replied to your support email too, but for everyone else:

You can't necessarily move an email address (with the subscriber history, etc). You would need to remove them from 1 list and add them to the new list. If you want to add multiple addresses you can easily do that via a CSV import, by clicking add subscribers on your new list page and then importing your file. You'll want to then copy their addresses and on the old list go to remove subscribers, select unsubscribe from this list only, paste it in and they'll be deleted just from that list.

Hope that helps!

D. Potter
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