List unsubscribe settings


is there a reason why we can't set the unsubscribe settings through the API? It seems a big strange that you are allowed to set the option "Only unsubscribe them from this list" through the interface, but no manner of doing so through the API .

I personally would like the ability to include this in the API, especially if a developer wan't to create a custom "Preference center"

netronix netronix, 6 years ago

I have made some changes in my system as following:

when a user is subscribed to multiple lists and want's to unsubscribe from only one list, I send an unsubscribe request to CM. Keeping in my that he will be unsubscribed from all lists in CM, I start resubscribing him by adding him again to the other lists he was subscribed to previously setting the Resubscribe value to true.

This seems to work, but with the downside that the users e-mail address gets move to the global suppression list.

This whole unsubscribing one list / all lists seems a bit off to me, or I just don't get the API-devs philosophy about it.
To me, it seems like there is something wrong in the API functionality or I'm just thinking in the wrong way on how using CM to manage e-mail campaigns remotely.

Thank you in advance

akicreative, 6 years ago

I am experiencing the exact same issue, and it looks like it isn't addressed. I have multiple lists, one sends out daily, one weekly and an alert list. I want them to be able to unsubscribe to one and only one list leaving them the same on the other lists. I don't understand the rationale. There should be an unsubscribe ALL and unsubscribe LIST.

jherrmann, 5 years ago

Has anyone discovered a solution to this issue?  I am encountering the same problem.

Thank you!

jamesd jamesd, 5 years ago

Hey all,

We can finally offer you the ability to set list unsubscribe settings via the API. We're sorry it took so long to appear. We just have a massive number of feature requests, and it only makes sense to prioritise them by how many people have requested them. So this one has finally been included.

Please check the API docs for details. You'll also see this feature in the latest version of all our officially supported API wrappers.

Hope that helps!

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