Read more reveal in templates

I've set up a template for a client to send out a newsletter. They are asking if it is possible to have a 'read more' button in an article they have created that reveals more of the story. So for example there would be 3/4 lines of content then a 'read more' button that would reveal the rest of the story that may be a few paragraphs? I know that we could have an online version of the article to link to but the client is specifically asking for this functionality. Is this possible?

Diana Diana, 6 years ago


You'd really want to link to a website I'm afraid. The type of code it takes to hide and reveal text just isn't something that's going to work reliably in email I'm afraid. CSS support is limited and scripts are non-existent.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
foundry84 foundry84, 6 years ago

Thanks Diana. I thought that would be the case but I wanted to check before I said no definitely

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