New Editor 'hanging'


I thought it was just me but then have also had a client call in and ask about the Editor 'hanging'. Trying to create a new campaign based on a template, but just stays on the loading screen when trying to load the new Editor.

It was doing this in Chrome for me so I switched to Safari. Then worked fine.
Client trying it in Firefox, and also IE. Both hanging.
Now working fine for me in Chrome.



selesti, 6 years ago

We have also had several clients complain about this issue - and eventually it is causing the browser to crash and they loose all their updates.  This is happening repeatedly where it keeps crashing mid way through editing - primarily in IE there is an issue.


Diana Diana, 6 years ago

Hi All,

That's definitely no good. If you could send an email into support and let us know what clients, what templates they're using and an affected template. Also, please let us know the specific browsers and versions being used. We'll see if we can track down specifically what's causing this.

D. Potter
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