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Hi All

I am still getting my head around the new editor.  I have been designing a new template for a customer and trying out all the new features and have included a link to the Preference Centre so subscribers can update their details.  However I note that when I click the link it takes them to a "default" page with only the name and email.  I have added several custom fields and have checked that these are ticked in my lists & subscribers.  When I preview my preference centre in client settings I get a dropdown box with my database name and the default.  How to I choose the database I want.  The only codes I see are <preferences>this will be a link</preferences>


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Lucylyn, first up, make sure that under 'Lists & Subscribers' > Your list > 'Custom fields' > 'Your existing fields', all the custom fields that you want displayed on the Preference Center have the "This field should be visible to recipients when they edit their settings in the preference center" checkbox selected. Sounds like you've already done this, but just in case :)

Secondly, the preference center displayed is specific to the list that your subscriber is signed up to. For example, if a subscriber is on the 'Weekly emails' subscriber list and receives an email that's sent to this list, they can only change their preferences for 'Weekly emails' at that time, even if they're signed up to other lists. If your email address is not signed up to a specific subscriber list (say, you add yourself to a send manually), you will only see the default Preference Center after the campaign is sent.

As a result, you can either test your Preference Center by a) looking at it within Client Settings, or b) signing up to a specific list and sending yourself a campaign. You can't set which Preference Center gets displayed using the tags. Hope that helps!

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lucylyn, 6 years ago

Hi Ros

Thank you for your comments.  I forgot I put myself in manually while testing the new template which I probably why I am seeing the default layout.

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