HTML and email replies

I've noticed several emails in the gallery have dark background colors. It can really "make" a design, and even though not all email clients will display it, it seems the majority will. Another problem is that if someone replies to one of these emails, their text vanishes into the background. Has anyone done any testing on this issue? I suppose you could add an email link specifically for replies so that it would force a new message (assuming the recipient saw it). Any other ideas or experience with this?

Stig Stig, 9 years ago

Hi Vicki, welcome to the forums!
One way to solve this, is to keep the email's body background color white, and put a "container" div tag around everything in it. Style the container with the dark background color, and make sure it covers the whole background.

When someone replies or forwards it, their text will be put outside the container, and will therefore be black on white. Give it a try :)


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