HELP how is CM better then the free google analytics? client has asked


Client has asked why pay for Campaign Monitor when Google Analytics offers it for free? 

I need help answering this question - anyone can you help me please?

My answer is scrutinised by their many misinformed it specialists!!!

And we love Campaign Monitor....!

JonJoyce, 6 years ago

Bit of a strange question?

Campaign Monitor sends mass emails, Google Analytic's is a piece of tracking software?
Campaign Monitor also offers FREE Analytics integration into their campaigns as well?

Jonathon Joyce
jrsteele jrsteele, 6 years ago

Wow? First let's start by clarifying "it" in "Client has asked why pay for Campaign Monitor when Google Analytics offers it for free?" What are "they" (your clients) referring to by "it"? (I've learned to avoid using pronouns as much as possible when discussing technical issues, even if it means my sentences are drawn out and wordy)

The only thing I can think of that Campaign Monitor and Google Analytics have remotely in common are reports. More specifically reports related to pages viewed. I suppose one could try re-inventing one of many "wheels" and use/integrate Google Analytics into their marketing email application. However, Google Analytics, as far as I last knew which was early today, doesn't directly support or allow sending emails.

sossylicious, 6 years ago

Thank you for your help. The client is being provided the service of email plus custom reports.  Someone in her IT department said, why pay for reports when they are free with Google Analytics. 
So any help you provide me on this to explain to client would be appreciated....
thank you  HELP....

sossylicious, 6 years ago

The client added, why pay for the service when they can deploy email outside of CM and use Goolge Analytics to get the same reports....


jrsteele jrsteele, 6 years ago

One could send email using gmail, hotmail, company mail, etc. with content that has links to landing pages which have Google Analytics tracking codes to try to monitor metrics. However, there are a few short comings of this simplistic setup.

First, sending email from systems not designed for mass marketing email is a quick way to end up in spam and junk folders and get blacklisted. Using a well know provider like CM will help with deliverability.  Providers like CM work with partners and major ISPs to ensure quality and deliverability. 

Also, providers like CM can give you more insight in hard and soft bounces, these wouldn't get reported by Google Analytics. The only thing Google Analytics could tell you is how many times the page was viewed. You couldn't tell if 100 unique people opened the page or if 1 person viewed the page 100 times unless you sent and separate email per person with a unique URL so Google Analytics could track this.

You'd also have to hook up an unsubscribe method to comply with CAN-SPAM laws.

These are just a few issues discussed in extreme simplicity. Providers like CM take care of and manage the complexity of tracking and reporting email deliverability so that customers and clients can focus on their core business and create solid email content that renders nicely in a large number of email clients so they can sell their products and services. Google Analytics and everyday email clients can't show you if the email renders pretty in other clients nor score your email content against common SPAM scoring applications. Bottom line, the investment is worth it. Use a provider like Campaign Monitor and stop wasting time, money, and thought on managing issue and problems that have already been solved by [email]domain experts.

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