Subscribe/Unsubscribe forms - multilingual versions

Do I need to use the API to direct users to language specific 'Thank you' pages after they complete a subscribe or unsubscribe form?

Stig Stig, 9 years ago

Hi Jim,
there's a few ways to do this, depending on if you use one list for all subscribers, or one for each language.

If you use one list pr language, you can define the thank you pages for each list.

If you only use one list, I suppose you use custom fields to separate the languages. I think these can be sent in the url to the confirmation page (correct me if I'm wrong).

Or, as you said, if you use the API for the subscription process, you're in full control.


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Jim Jim, 9 years ago

Thanks Stig, I want to use one list and split it using a custom language field. I can see how I could do it with three lists (for my three languages) but this seems a less than perfect solution.

I also need to edit the default 'incorrrect email format' message, so I guess the API is my best option.

I'll give it a bash. Cheers!

figure8, 8 years ago

Hi there,
Thanks for the tip concerning multi language unsubscribe forms.

Do you guys offer a few standard lines in multiple languages? For instance: an example of an unsubscribe link text or a sent to friends catchphrase?

Thanks for the info.

ThomasNorden, 8 years ago

So where do I change the confirmation pages? I only manage to translate the e-mails that are sent upon registration and confirmation, but not the pages.


Jim Jim, 7 years ago

Coming back to this - any API case studies of multilingual usage?

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