To people who use osCommerce and want to integrate CM

You may be wondering why there's no osCommerce plugin for Campaign Monitor.
Well, the answer probably lies in the fact the 2.2 version of osCommerce (way and above the most installed) does not have a specific mailing list function. Customers CAN elect to receive newsletters, but they have to be customers. There's no mailing list table for people who just want to join a list without buying. While you could in theory add a simply CM API subscribe call to the customer add screen, it wouldn't really be a mailing list.

Most people want to remedy this in their sites and support proper mailing lists, and osCommerce add-ons offer a few options.

Probably the simplest is add on number 408 (at,408).
This little addon creates a 'mailist' MySQL table, and provides a simple sign-up screen as a sidebox (although I rewrote mine so it's a whole screen). It takes care of the fact you can either be a customer, or a mailing list subscriber, and syncs the right tables appropriately.

If you have this mod installed, adding CM is a cinch.You need to add a few lines of CM add/unsubscribe code in 3 places.

In summary:
- osCommerce has no default mailing list functionality
- You can remedy this with a simple-to-install add on provided on the oscommerce site
- Adding CM support to this mod is fairly straightforward.


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